2016 Outdoor track areas

Outdoor track areas are approximately 10 metres in both length and width. If you have additional requirements, please discuss the most suitable size plot area with a member of our sales team. Track areas are be sold in tandem with an indoor exhibition stand/space.

The Highways SIB 2016 track area is to be divided into ‘zones’ including:

Maintenance matters Making our mark Safety in action Signage solutions A smarter network Lighting the way

Please download the Outdoor track and ‘zones’ plan here.

COST: £500 per 10m x 10m track plot when sold with one indoor stand/space
or £1,900 per 10m x 10m track plot when sold without indoor space

To book your outdoor track area call Robert on +44 (0)1732 459683 or email robert@aladltd.co.uk

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