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09/11/2016 09:00 AM10/11/2016 18:00 PMEurope/ParisHighways SIB (Seeing is Believing)Bringing you the ‘inside-out’ of the highways maintenance and traffic management world with both an indoor exhibition and outside demonstration zonesBruntingthorpe, LeicestershireAlad

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Our Highways SIB 2016 exhibitors include:

Yorkin Associates
Pike Signals
Solutions Group GB
Wrekin Products
SIB-Navtech Platinum
SIB-flir silver
SIB-meon gold
Clearview SIB
Stanton Bonna
SIB-LMS Silver
DW Windsor
SIB-acklea silver
Highways England
Traffic Safety and Management
CU Phosco
Keysoft Solutions
Quality Marking Services Ltd
SIB-Bomag silver
SIB-HTM Silver
Highway Care
SIB-mvms gold
Stirling Lloyd
Woodway Engineering
King and Safety Vehicle Hire & Lease Ltd
Leica Geosystems
Mission Room
APC Civils
SIB-mvis platinum
SIB Colas
SIB-Rosehill Polymers - Gold
SIB – universal sealants
SIB-Hitex Silver
My Mobile Workers
MK Surveys
Head of Network Maintenance, Transport Scotland
Graham Edmond photo
At a time when financial pressures and fast paced developments in technology present ever more challenges, events like Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) provide the ideal way to network and learn from experts and suppliers which will help all of us involved in road design, maintenance and operations meet these challenges head on.
President, Institute of Highway Engineers
R Hayes photo
Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) has established a unique and professional way of developing the links between the supply sector and highway and traffic practitioners. By creating real situations and hands on access to new products it permits the maximum benefits to be demonstrated. The event provides one of the best opportunities for collaboration and networking.
UK Roads Minister (previous)
Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) offers a great opportunity for local authorities to find out about the latest developments and products which can help improve the safety of the highway network. With the government making an investment of £10 billion into the highways industry in 2015, we see shows like this as playing an important part in educating the sector.
REMA Secretariat, Retroflective Equipment Manufacturers Association (REMA)
Once again REMA is pleased to attend Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) in November, having done so for several years now. This event remains firmly on REMA’s “must attend” list as it is the only event where retroreflective products can be viewed as they should be, and where the performance of the products can be truly seen to work as designed and manufactured. Save Save
SIB-Stanton Bonna 2

New precast concrete solutions

Stanton Bonna’s innovative highways products provide solutions offsite to save time and money onsite.
SIB-Navtech Platinum

Detecting debris

Navtech Radar manufactures ClearWay, an automatic detection safety radar system for roads, bridges and tunnels.
SIB-stirling lloyd

On the Safetrack

Stirling Lloyd will be exhibiting their solutions for the surfacing and demarcation of cycleways.

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