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Contracts/marketing manager, HTM
Highway Traffic Managment
We do other shows like HAUC and Traffex, but I think this is a good middle ground between them both. HAUC is all about men on the road digging holes and then you’ve got Traffex, which features a lot of the manufacturers of products. At Seeing is Believing it seems to be the middle of everyone. You get the guys that are working on the ground plus you get the guys that you need to speak to higher up in the businesses.
SRL Traffic Systems
SIB-SRL-TrafficThe outdoor element of Seeing is Believing is interesting. I think people want to see the systems working, how big it is and what happens. For me this has been our best show this year. We do HAUC, but this has been the best show we’ve done this year. This is about seeing our customers and showing our products.
Senior communications and marketing manager, TRL
SIB TRLThe really unique opportunity with Seeing is Believing comes from the outdoor element. I don’t know of any other event where you get to talk about something on your stand and then say ‘do you want to go out and see it?’
Managing Director, MVIS
SIB MVISMost of the people we’ve had on the stand have not been other companies trying to sell you something. That’s the biggest issue you can have at most of these exhibitions. You can have more interactivity with somebody else trying to sell you something than people actually wanting to buy your products. At Seeing is Believing we’ve not found that to be the case.
Marketing Executive, Ennis-Flint
SIB Ennis FlintThe main reason that really attracted us to Seeing is Believing was that we get to demonstrate our products out on the track and you get to see them as they would be in the real world as opposed to just seeing pictures and samples on a table. You actually get to see them in situ on the road and see how they perform in the day or night. One of the greatest benefits to us is being able to actually show how our products can perform.
Business Development Manager, Findlay Irvine
Findlay IrvineSeeing is Believing is certainly a unique event and there’s nothing else like it in the industry. We’ve had some really good feedback and it’s not often that you get a chance to show your equipment moving, particularly as ours has to be moving at a certain speed. We can’t just use a small car park or a small area at an exhibition. There’s nowhere else where we would get to demonstrate it live.
JCBThis is the first time that JCB has exhibited at Seeing is Believing. The view was that we’re going to have a captive audience of road maintenance people. Introducing these products gives us a good launch pad to talk to a vast amount of people in a short space of time and try to gain some interest. In this particular environment anyone who walks past can recognise what the machine is capable of doing.
Business Development Manager – Highways & Civils Division, IKO
SIB IKOWe’re getting several people from local authorities come in and discuss their issues with us, which is good. In a couple of years time at Seeing is Believing 2016 we might consider doing a demonstration of installing a bridge joint.
Marketing Director, Peli Products
Peli Products (UK) LtdWith our remote area lighting we’re able to highlight seeing [our products] in dusk and night-time conditions. When you are in an exhibition hall such as the NEC or somewhere like that our lights are not shown to their full advantage. At an event as unique as Seeing is Believing we can really showcase them in the situation that they were designed for.
National Director, RSMA
SIB RSMAThe RSMA has supported Seeing is Believing since its inception because we believe it is an ideal opportunity not just to talk about the safety benefits of products and elements of infrastructure, but actually to demonstrate them. I think it is important that people see things from different dimensions. This event opens up people’s eyes to the interaction between different elements of infrastructure. Despite the fact that we’re the trade body for the road marking industry we’re not naïve enough to think that we can persuade everyone to spend all their money on road markings. It’s about having good quality road markings interacting with other elements of infrastructure. For example good signage, crash barriers, lighting where appropriate, no lighting where appropriate. Seeing is Believing brings all of that together to give you an opportunity to see the relative and comparative importance of different elements.
Bruntingthorpe Hangar 42 exhibition hall

Bruntingthorpe updated

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New sales and event manager for Seeing is Believing

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Overheight safety solution for road workers

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Highways England
Highways England supports Seeing is Believing in its aims to encourage awareness and understanding of the innovative products, technology and methodologies that maximise safety and free-flowing traffic on motorways and roads effectively and efficiently.
Head of Network Maintenance, Transport Scotland
Graham Edmond photo
At a time when financial pressures and fast paced developments in technology present ever more challenges, events like Seeing is Believing provide the ideal way to network and learn from experts and suppliers which will help all of us involved in road design, maintenance and operations meet these challenges head on.
President, Institute of Highway Engineers
R Hayes photo
Seeing is Believing has established a unique and professional way of developing the links between the supply sector and highway and traffic practitioners. By creating real situations and hands on access to new products it permits the maximum benefits to be demonstrated. The event provides one of the best opportunities for collaboration and networking.
UK Roads Minister
I am delighted to be attending Seeing is Believing 2014. It offers a great opportunity for local authorities to find out about the latest developments and products which can help improve the safety of the highway network. With the government making an investment of £10 billion into the highways industry in 2015, we see shows like this as playing an important part in educating the sector.