2020 Outdoor Areas

For the outside plots, there is a choice of location – the ‘static’ area adjacent to the exhibition hall (approximately 5m x 5m for static displays) and the ‘dynamic’ area outside on the track (approximately 10m x 10m for moving demonstrations).

Products can be highlighted in clearly defined zones and for the 'dynamic' demonstrations designated drop-off points along the track will ensure that visitors are encouraged to take a closer look at the products and services on display.

For 2020 the zones will be:

  • Maintenance Matters
  • Making our Mark
  • Safety in Action
  • Signage Solutions
  • A Smarter Network

The zones are located outside between the exhibition hall and the crash demonstration area on the fully marked motorway area of the track.

Cost: One 10m x 10m ‘dynamic’ track plot or 5m x 5m ‘static’ plot is included FREE when you purchase one indoor stand/space package. 

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