'What really attracted us to Traffex Seeing is Believing was that we were able to demonstrate our products out on the track and you get to see them as they would be in the real world as opposed to just seeing pictures and samples on a table... One of the greatest benefits to us is being able to actually show how our products can perform.'

Josh Duffy, Marketing Executive, Ennis-Flint


'Excellent show, very well organised with the opportunity to meet new and existing contacts in a personable environment.' 

Niall Hughes, Director, CHM Group


'This event opens up people's eyes to the interaction between different elements of infrastructure. Despite the fact that we're the trade body for the road marking industry we're not naive enough to think that we can persuade everyone to spend all their money on road markings. It's about having good quality road markings interacting with other elements of infrastructure. For example good signage, crash barriers, lighting where appropriate, no lighting where appropriate. Traffex Seeing is Believing brings all of that together to give you an opportunity to see the relative and comparative importance of the different elements.'

George Lee, National Director, RSMA


'The actual event is excellent for the all round sensory experience of a company - you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch! Well done team... keep it going.'

Gary Spencer, Managing Director, Meon


'The really unique opportunity with Traffex Seeing is Believing comes from the outdoors element. I don't know of any other event where you get to talk about something on your stand and then say "do you want to go out and see it?"'

Mary Treen, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager, TRL


'The highways community has a lot to share and learn from each other and this event provides a catalyst for long-term collaboration.' 

Marcus Anning, Area 2 Asset Needs Manager, Skanska


'Most of the people we've had on the stand have not been other companies trying to sell you something. That's the biggest issue you can have at most of these exhibitions. You can have more interactivity with somebody else trying to sell you something rather than people actually wanting to buy your products. At Traffex Seeing is Believing we've not found that to be the case.'

Pat Musgrave, Managing Director, MVIS


'This is the first time that JCB has exhibited at Traffex Seeing is Believing... Introducing these products gives us a good launch pad to talk to a vast amount of people in a short space of time and try to gain some interest. In this particular environment anyone who walks past can recognise what the machine is capable of doing.'

Stephen Wright, JCB


'Traffex Seeing is Believing is certainly a unique event and there's nothing else like it in the industry. We've had some really good feedback and it's not often that you get a chance to show your equipment moving, particularly as ours has to be moving at a certain speed. We can't just use a small car park or a small area at an exhibition. There's nowhere else where we would get to demonstrate it live.'

Campbell Waddell, Business Development Manager, Findlay Irvine

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