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Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) brings you the ‘inside-out’ of the highways maintenance and traffic management world with both an indoor exhibition and outside demonstration zones.

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It is the only event brought to you by a trusted and valued source of industry information – Highways Magazine. Through our websites here and at highwaysmagazine.co.uk and our social media channels (@highwaysmag and @SIBEvent), we are able to bring you the very latest developments THROUGHOUT the year. Highways Magazine aims to support the industry by sharing best practice, offering an unbiased account of the news (via Highways on Fridays), showcasing the best it has to offer with the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards and, then, literally bringing everything to life at the biennial Highways SIB event where ‘Seeing is Believing’.

Highways SIB provides the perfect showcase with its real road environments outside in all weather and lighting conditions. The ‘Inside-out’ philosophy has now been taken even further with the creation of an ‘integrated’ conference, workshops and roundtable discussions. In this way, many of the techniques and skills that you learn about and discuss inside will then later be put into practice outside in a real working environment.

Key highlights for our 2016 event included:

  • A large indoor exhibition hall – recently refurbished.
  • Specialised outdoor ‘zones’ covering maintenance, markings, traffic calming, signage, technology and lighting.
  • A two-way street operating alongside the demonstration areas.
  • Designated drop-off and collection points.
  • A full timetable of outdoor demonstrations.
  • A fully marked motorway for showcase displays.
  • An apprenticeship/skills zone within the hall.
Maintenance matters Making our mark Safety in action Signage solutions A smarter network Lighting the way Apprenticeship/skills



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